Warwick Davis discusses hosting “Celebrity Squares”, backs heart disease campaign

Last week we told you that Warwick Davis will be hosting a new season of Celebrity Squares. Now, Warwick is speaking about his new job and how he’s preparing.

Celebrity Squares originally ran during the 1970s and again in the 1990s, hosted by Bob Monkhouse. It is based on the American game show Hollywood Squares. Warwick says he’s excited about stepping into Monkhouse’s shoes.

Who’d have known, sitting at home when I was a young lad watching Bob on a Saturday night with my nan that I’d one day be hosting it. It’s quite amazing to be here, especially in these studios, as they’re iconic for shiny floor gameshows.

While preparing for the show, Warwick had a clever idea to familiarize himself with the rules.

My family and I got a board game of the Bob Monkhouse version off eBay! I mean, it’s probably an antique – it even had the Woolworth[‘]s receipt in it! The celebrities have made-up names, which is really funny. So I’ve been practising my hosting with my kids Annabelle and Harrison as contestants. They love it, as it’s such a fun game.

Warwick also discusses a new round of the game called “Square Essentials.”

A celebrity will read a fact about themselves, and the contestants have to decide whether it’s fact or fiction. The squares used to be vertically stacked, but they’re now laid at a slant, which is great because it allows interaction between the celebrities.

You can read the full interview here. Celebrity Squares premieres Wednesday, September 10 on ITV.

Meanwhile, Warwick is also backing a campaign called Bag It. Beat It. for the British Heart Foundation. The foundation is asking for donations of unwanted items, including clothes, shoes, books, DVDs, CDs, and toys. Every donated bag helps fund research into congenital heart disease.

Warwick Davis backs the British Heart Foundation's "Bag it. Beat it." campaign.

You can check out Warwick’s other charity work on his cast page.

Will you be bagging items for heart research? Are you looking forward to seeing Warwick host Celebrity Squares? Let us know below!

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