Five “Potter” Characters’ Stories Jo Should Cover on Pottermore

Since the books ended, fans have been hungry for more info on the many characters of the Harry Potter series. While we have gotten a glimpse into the personal histories of Remus Lupin and Minerva McGonagall, there are several other fascinating characters whose lives and loyalties haven’t been fully explained in the canon. I’ve compiled a list of five characters I hope JK Rowling will cover in subsequent Pottermore chapters so the fandom can get to know some minor characters in the series better.

1. Andromeda Tonks: Hands down one of the most unappreciated characters in the canon, Andromeda is a total badass. Despite being born a pure-blood, Andromeda risked alienation from her family and married a Muggleborn. Although not a member of the Order, Andromeda assists the Order in protecting Harry Potter. Andromeda grew up with Bellatrix and Narcissa, and is Sirius’ favourite cousin, so naturally I’m curious what she was like as a child and at Hogwarts. I’m curious to know how she overcame the pure-blood prejudice of her all-Slytherin family and had the courage to marry someone that her family so deeply disapproved of that she would be completely cut off from them.

2. Kingsley Shacklebolt: Kingsley makes regular appearances throughout the books, but his background is largely unknown to the reader. It is never explained how Kingsley became involved with the Order, or even what his Hogwarts house is. Kingsley is a pure-blood wizard but is outspoken against Voldemort and in support of Muggles and I am curious as to how he became involved in the Order and what made him an advocate for equality when his position in the Ministry and his blood status would make it easy for him to stay out of any conflict.

3. Regulus Black: Although he never actually appears in the books, Regulus is a key player in the last two novels and is one of the only Death Eaters to ever challenge Voldemort. I’d be interested in the story of how Regulus came to know about Voldemort’s horcruxes, and why he chose to openly defy Voldemort although he knew he would likely be killed for it. Ultimately Regulus gave up his life to take down the man he had admired and served most of his life, which is certainly cause for curiosity.

4. Charlie Weasley: The only Weasley sibling not directly involved with the Order and taking down Voldemort, Charlie is kind of a mystery to the reader. Aside from his love of dragons, little is known about Charlie. It’s also odd that he spends so much time away from his family when the Weasleys seem like a generally close knit family. Charlie definitely seems the odd ball of the family and I would like to know more about his relationships to the other Weasleys and what his life in Romania is like.

5. Peter Pettigrew: I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Peter but I do think he’s a fascinating character who deserves a little more exploration. His loyalties shift so dramatically during the First Wizarding War that I wonder what his life was like apart from the rest of the Marauders, and how he came to support Voldemort. Through the novels and Pottermore, fans have gotten a good idea of what Sirius, James and Remus are like, but there’s little information on what Peter was like in school, how involved with the Order he was, and how he eventually became one of Voldemort’s closest servants.


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