Clémence Poésy makes directorial debut with fashion film

In addition to her role in the Harry Potter films as Fleur Delacour, actress Clémence Poésy has also managed to make her mark on the fashion world. Her latest endeavor, as reported by New York Magazine, is a three-and-a-half-minute-long short fashion film, which Poésy filmed on her iPhone.

The idea came about when Poésy met for dinner with friends Nora Zehetner (a fellow actress) and Melissa Coker, a fashion designer whose line, Wren, gained popularity following a viral video called “First Kiss.”  When asked by New York Magazine how the project evolved, Poésy explained,

Nora I’ve known for a long time — we met through mutual friends in London first and then spent a whole summer together both being relatively new to New York — spending every moment that we weren’t working together. I met Melissa a little bit later through Nora, [and] I asked her if we could make a little Wren film some day, and she very kindly said yes.

She continued by saying that the finished product wasn’t originally what she’d had in mind:

At first, I wanted to do something that involved dance somehow, but very quickly the idea of making something funny that wouldn’t feel like a “fashion film” took over — I  thought the contrast of what a 6-year-old thinks her life when she grows up will be and the images of an actual grown-up doing exactly what that 6-year-old is coming up with would allow us to be as playful as I wanted us to be. So we talked about that over drinks, and then asked Nora if she’d be in it. I never imagined making this without her, so luckily she agreed.

Also brought on for the project were television writer Noelle Valdivia – in Poésy’s words, “the smartest, funniest, most amazing writer/girl/friend” – who assisted in writing the script, and French musician Mathias Malzieu, who composed and performed the film’s score.

Watch “Where Is That Script?” below!

You can read the full interview with Poésy here.

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