Daniel Radcliffe interviewed for November’s issue of “Marie Claire UK”

Lately, actor Daniel Radcliffe has been busy promoting his newest film, Horns, and as he recently told Marie Claire UK, he says he understands if everyone is “sick of” him. Fortunately for Daniel, this interview only makes us love him more.

The particular interview, which was largely focused on the roles he’s had since the end of the Harry Potter film series, included some revelations from Radcliffe on having grown up in the spotlight. He admits that, when asked by Us Weekly to name 25 unknown facts about himself,

It became a really depressing game. I was like, ‘What don’t people know about me?’

He adds that it is for that reason that he tries to stay out of the public eye when not promoting his films:

[…] I try to keep my head down and not be too ubiquitous. Having been in people’s lives for 15 years already, there is a danger of that. I would understand if you were all sick of me.

With multiple projects on the horizon and the release of Horns just over two weeks away – October 29 in the UK and October 31 in the US – Daniel has nothing to worry about!

Check out the full photo from the issue!

Daniel Radcliffe Marie Claire UK

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