Pottermore Moments Revisited: This Is What Disappointment Looks Like

Chapter 11: “The Firebolt”

Chapter thoughts: Fun fact: My ninth birthday cake was decorated as this chapter. It was (and still is) one of my favorite chapters, and that was one of my favorite birthday cakes. In any case, poor Harry is stewing in some unfortunate news as the holidays begin. However, he’s not the only one; Hagrid has just been informed that he must present Buckbeak at a hearing that is sure to go against them. Christmas brings some surprises though as Harry is sent the wonderful Firebolt, only to have it taken away by the end of the day. Did Sirius Black really send it to him?

Moment 1: The Firebolt is Confiscated

This, like so many other moments in this book, is absolutely beautiufully illustrated. The coziness of the Gryffindor common room at Christmas is obvious. And the boys in their Christmas jumpers from Mrs. Weasley are absolutely adorable. We get some interesting new information on the game of Gobstones (just some lovely little details that help round out the world).

ch 11 firebolt


Chapter 12: The Patronus

Chapter thoughts: This is another favorite chapter. Oliver Wood is arguably more excited than Harry and Ron about Harry’s new Firebolt, and more outraged about it being inspected as well (gotta love good old Oliver, right?). Meanwhile, Harry (and the reader) is introduced to the brilliant concept of Patronuses. As Harry struggles to form his Patronus, we also learn that Lupin was friends with James Potter. We also learn the truly terrifying weapon that dementors possess. And Ron and Hermione seem to reach the ultimate breaking point when Ron discovers bloody sheets, a missing rat, and long ginger cat hairs on his bed.

Moment 1: This is another rather tame moment. Poor Harry sits off to the side after battling with the boggart-dementor, and JKR gives us a glimpse at her reasoning behind making chocolate the dementor antidote.

ch 12 dementor




I confess myself a little disappointed at the moments presented for these chapters. Both of the chapters are action packed and have clear, distinct moments: Hagrid’s hut and the news about Buckbeak, the arrival of the Firebolt, and the Firebolt’s confiscation for chapter eleven; and at least Harry’s attempts at the boggart-dementor, the aftermath of the lessons, and Ron’s discovery at the end of chapter twelve. There was material there, which is why I am confused as to the decision to only have one moment for each of these chapters.

It looks like Ron and Hermione will never make up; what’s Harry to do while his two best friends are feuding? This can’t help with Patronus lessons.

Alison Siggard

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