Daniel Radcliffe discusses his upcoming role in “Victor Frankenstein”

Daniel Radcliffe, who portrays Igor in the new movie Victor Frankenstein, recently spoke about how it will measure up when compared to many other upcoming Frankenstein works. Among these are a Frankenstein TV show by Fox, the movie Mary Shelley’s Monster, and possibly a Frankenstein film rumored to be directed by Guillermo del Toro.

When asked how Victor Frankenstein will distinguish itself from the others of its kind, he said,

I think our Frankenstein is a really kind of rip-roaring, fun adventure movie version of Frankenstein…the thing that I hope will make it stand out is the relationship between James’[s] (James McAvoy, Dr. Frankenstein) character and [mine]…it’s a film about relationships set against the backdrop of creating monsters.

When asked how Frankenstein’s monster will fit in the movie Radcliffe stated,

…in our version it’s created right at the end, and the journey up to that is really about how we come to that eventual idea.

While it may seem that relationships will be a large part of the film, Radcliffe did say,

There is a lot of action in it as well.

Victor Frankenstein hits theaters October 2, 2015, and you can read the full interview with Daniel Radcliffe right here.

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