Luna’s Best Friend

Dear Luna,

Who was your best friend while you were at Hogwarts?
Thanks x


Dear Jodie,

I think the idea of a ‘best friend’ can be both a blessing and a curse; it’s wonderful to have a particular friend to share all your hopes and fears and interests with, but it’s important to have respect and affection for all of your friends instead of funneling all of your efforts into a single relationship. A best friend is nice, but a circle of close friends is better. (As long as they treat you with equal respect and affection, of course.)

I was rather unlucky during the first half of my time at Hogwarts–I didn’t really have anyone I could call a friend. I was deeply grateful to be shown kindness and goodwill by Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom (kindred spirits, we two), Ginny Weasley, Ronald, Hermione, and eventually most of the DA. I was a little rusty when it came to making friends back then, but I’ll allow myself a small boast that I’ve always been very good at close friends. The trick is to give love, support, and honesty at all times; if those ever fail, don’t underestimate the importance of giving space.

Thank you for writing!