Insect named after fantastic “Harry Potter” beast

A new species of stink bug has been named after one of J.K. Rowling’s magical creatures featured in the Harry Potter series. The insect was discovered by North Dakota State University researchers and has been dubbed Thestral incognitus.

The insect apparently has a lot in common with the fantastic beast for which it is named, including its appearance. According to Eduardo Faundez, a doctoral student at NDSU who contributed to the discovery,

The reason for this special name is because the specimens of this new genus come from localities that have been fairly well collected. Yet, we believe that they are hard to find, and not all people can see them, much like Rowling’s creations. Additionally, the bugs have some bone-like ridges in their bodies that resemble the skeletal bodies of [T]hestrals.

Choosing to use a creature name from the Harry Potter canon ensures that knowledge of the stink bug’s existence reaches the largest audience possible. Faundez explains,

 A reason for choosing this kind of name is that it makes people get interested and learn about the species. People are aware of it, and consequently, that helps us to get new data. This is important because the work is just starting with this new species.

This is not the first non-magical beast to be named after a Potter creature. There is already a wasp (Ampulex dementor), a spider (Aname aragog), and a dinosaur (Dracorex howartsia).

Can you think of any other beasts from the Muggle world that deserve a magical moniker? Let us know!