Julie Walters dreams of playing “Bond” villain

Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley) recently discussed her dream role with Britain’s Hello! magazine, and it’s quite a departure from the warm-hearted character she portrayed in the Potter films. She wants to play a Bond villain.

In the interview, Walters says,

I’d adore [doing] a Bond villain. Really ham it up and give an outrageous performance. Maybe someone like Rosa Klebb with the knife in her shoe.

It’s great to hear that Walters is thinking about future jobs in the film industry, considering the fact that she almost gave up acting when she turned 60.

Walters comments on her decision to continue working, saying,

I didn’t do anything for a year or so and thought, ‘I don’t need to work anymore.’ Then I realised it’s not that I just want to work. I like the challenge and want to keep on being challenged.

In one of her most recent challenges, Walters will be portraying housekeeper Mrs. Bird in the movie Paddington, which will be released in the US on January 16, 2015.

Walters describes her role in the film, saying,

Paddington arrives, an innocent abroad, at Paddington Station where he’s picked up by the Brown family. Now I play the very, very, very attractive housekeeper of the Brown family. Anyway, he gets into various scrapes, which I won’t go into because you’ve got to see the film.

Are you excited to see Walters in Paddington when it hits theaters in January? Do you think she would make a good Bond villain? We want to know your thoughts!