Snag some great deals on “Harry Potter” merchandise this Black Friday!

Whether you’re the type to stand in line for hours in search of an elusive bargain or you’d rather get some more sleep, there’s one thing we all can agree on: Getting great deals on some great Harry Potter merchandise this Black Friday shouldn’t have to be difficult!
Luckily, MuggleNet knows where to look!

To start, our friends at Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop on Amazon have you covered with their festive Harry Potter party favors.

Exclusive to Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop on Amazon, the favors contain seven foil-wrapped coins, a mix of gold Galleons and silver Sickles; three die-cast wizard coin charms: Galleon, Sickle, and Knut; and a glossy red Philosopher’s Stone charm. The favors are sold individually and are available in either gold or silver.

As noted in the description:

  • Galleon and [S]ickle coins honor the original coin designs produced in 2000, in the early years of the Harry Potter series. The wizard coins feature moon and star designs as well as alchemy symbols and concepts.
  • Extra fun: find the hidden word on the [G]alleon coin, and head to the Hogwarts Library to learn what it means! (Hint: You won’t need to go to the Restricted Section.)
  • A donation will be made to [J.K.] Rowling’s ‘Lumos Foundation’, which helps institutionalized children for each favor purchased.
  • Regular price: $12.50
  • November 28 – December 1sSale: $7.00

That’s right! A portion of the proceeds from every favor purchased will go to Lumos! If you have yet to contribute to the organization’s Indiegogo campaign, what better way to show your support?

If chocolate isn’t your style, then the WB Shop has plenty of Harry Potter merchandise on sale! Here at MuggleNet, one of our favorites is this
Golden Snitch necklace from Warner Bros.
, available at a 15% discount for only $127.46 (ordinarily $149.95).

Finally, Amazon currently has a 31-disc set of all eight of the Harry Potter films (on DVD, Blu-Ray, and UltraViolet) for only $151.90! The list price is ordinarily $249.99, meaning that you’ll save nearly $100!

If you only want the eight-disc set, you can buy that for just $49.99! (That’s 50% off!) If your discs have worn out over the years, now would be the perfect time to replace them!

Have you gotten any good deals on Harry Potter merchandise this Black Friday? Have you bought any of the products we’ve suggested? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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