Trailer for Domhnall Gleeson’s “Ex Machina” released

The first trailer for Ex Machina, a sci-fi movie that will hit UK theaters in January 2015 and US theaters in April 2015, was recently released, giving us our first glimpse of Domhnall Gleeson in the starring role. Gleeson (Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter films) portrays Caleb, a young man who has been invited to a billionaire’s estate to help perform a Turing test, an experiment that gauges how human-like an artificial intelligence is. The billionaire, a genius programmer named Nathan, has created an extremely life-like AI called Ava. Before long, Caleb’s interactions with Ava and his evolving relationship with her lead him to question what he thought he knew about Nathan, technology, and himself.

The trailer shows bits of a distant future and different stages of the experiment, from Gleeson’s character Caleb being introduced to Ava to him beginning to question the realities of their relationship. The viewer sees both Caleb and Ava getting lost in the specifics of the relationship, forgetting that she is a robot. From the teaser, it looks like Ex Machina is going to be an awesome psychological thriller with a ton of unexpected turns.

Check out the trailer below:

Will you be seeing Ex Machina in theaters?