Warwick Davis merchandise to be featured in nerd subscription box

If you subscribe to Nerd Block, a subscription service that ships you a box of geeky merchandise each month, then you have a special surprise coming in the mail! Warwick Davis (Professor Filius Flitwick and Griphook), along with Val Kilmer (Davis’s co-star in Willow), has teamed up with Nerd Block to give all of its subscribers autographs as part of their December subscription box!

This marks the beginning of a partnership with Davis’s Signature Shop, an online retailer that provides certified authentic autographs. However, subscribers can expect more than just autographs coming up in 2015. Nerd Block has teamed up with even more celebrities to bring more exclusive merchandise to their subscribers, although no other celebrities have been named as of yet. Nerd Block founder Russ Montague said in an press release,

Warwick has been fantastic to work with. Our partnership with [t]he Signature Shop UK is a natural fit, and it’s directly in line with what our customers are looking for: the ultimate in celebrity collectibles.

Whom would you like to see team up with Nerd Block? How soon are you going to be sign up for a subscription?