Imelda Staunton to reprise role on West End

Imelda Staunton, our own Dolores Umbridge, has announced that she will be playing Momma Rose in the musical Gypsy once again. Her hailed performance on Broadway will be brought to the West End at the Savoy Theatre starting March 28, which will be its first time in London in over 40 years.

Staunton says she is delighted to reprise her role and will prepare rigorously through singing lessons and daily exercise, for which she admits,

I don’t have a life when I’m doing it.

On her difficult role, she shares,

There are notes I have to hit in this one. Good People [a previous musical with Staunton], too, was very demanding on the voice but it is up another 200 notches in Gypsy. I just want to make sure that it meets expectations, mainly my own, because I’m my own worst critic.

Gypsy, which is regarded as one of the greatest Broadway musicals, will be Staunton’s third show with director Jonathan Kent. He adds,

She has an extraordinary voice that I think is anatomically impossible from that small frame. This is as great a performance in a leading role in a musical as I’ve ever seen.

You can read the full article here. You can also buy tickets for Gypsy here!

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