WOULD YOU RATHER… Have Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess Waiting Under the Tree? #MNWYR

Merry Christmas to all you Potterheads! This week’s WOULD YOU RATHER has a little bit of a holiday flair, so enjoy!


 exploding snap


  1. Tests your memory.
  2. Gives you a good adrenaline rush.
  3. Causes a good bit of anxiety.


  1. Could singe your eyebrows off.
  2. Could cause some fights on Christmas morning.
  3. Might cause your parents to come running into the room with their wands drawn every time there’s an explosion.



  • An enchanted version of the Muggle game in which the pieces are self-moving and actually attack their opposition.



  1. Boosts your strategy skills.
  2. You’re commanding your own little army.
  3. That smug feeling you get when you win.


  1. You have the potential to break your present within an hour of opening it.
  2. If you’re not very good, your pieces could offer you confusing advice.
  3. Huge family arguments.

So WOULD YOU RATHER have Exploding Snap or Wizard’s Chess waiting for you under the tree? Comment below or leave us your response over on Twitter using #MNWYR.