Vote for the winner of the Alivan’s Wand Design Contest!

The entries have been received, and the Alivan’s Wand Design Contest has been narrowed down to just three amazing designs! We first announced this contest in early November and have been excited to see what all of you have designed! Contestants submitted designs, which needed to include a sketch of their wand with actual dimensions, wood type(s), additional accessories if any, the meaning behind their design, and special magical properties they feel the wand would provide to the user.

Now it’s up to you! We need you to vote for which wand you think should win the contest! The winner will have their design created into a limited edition wand which will be sold on Alivan’s Master Wandmakers website! In addition, the winner will receive the first wand from their edition as a prize!

Design 1

General info:

  • Wood: Maple
  • Length: 15 in.
  • Width: 13/16 in. at widest point
  • Core: Hair of Garden Gnome
  • Accents: bands of copper*


"This is a wand for the teacher, for the simple and the warm-hearted, for the good communicator. It finds its home with those who easily form connections with others. Because it is fabricated from willow wood, those who are flexible of mind will find that this wand serves them well. However, those resistant to change will have less success with it in hand.

The deep brown conveys the warmth felt by all those who are loved by the holder of this wand. The sage green accents evoke images of trembling leaves of tall tree in the spring. The copper accents, sunlight filtering lightly through those leaves.

Its core of a single hair plucked from the head of a garden gnome brings it not only a homey simplicity, but a certain practicality as well.

Finally, the design is uncomplicated, yet elegant and classic. Gentle sloping lines and pleasing curves show that those capable of wielding this particular wand are personable, warm, and always willing to pass on everything they know to anyone equally willing to listen."

Design 2

General Info:

  • 15 1/2 inches overall length
  • Handle- oak
  • Wand shaft- oak
  • Core- dementor tear
Design 3


"Few creatures are as powerful - or as terrifying - as a dragon.  Their size, power, and innate resistance to all but the most powerful spells places them among the most formidable of adversaries.

To train a dragon is a marvelous accomplishment, but to fight and capture one requires unparalleled skill and cunning - and a large, sturdy wand.

This beautifully crafted 15 inch wand brings the great power of ebony, the evenness of dark wenge, and the heart of natural rosewood together to form the ultimate dragon catcher's aide. And at the heart of the wand? Dragon's heartstrings: what else?!"

Voting is closed.


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