Hogwarts Hosts First-Ever Wizard Convention

July 2014

Hello, my fellow witches and wizards! Arabella Featherman here, bringing you greetings from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I, along with my fellow magical journalist, Scribble Inkwell, will be bringing you live coverage of the first ever Dumbledore’s Army Live! Expo Patronum. It is a convention of sorts, similar to what the Muggles call Comic Con, although I’m not quite sure why they would celebrate fictional characters, from picture books with images that don’t even move. I mean, what is a Batman? Does he have wings?

But I digress. This will be a magical bazaar held over two days, complete with booths from magical businesses, Quidditch teams, activist groups, and much more. There will also be an exhibition Quidditch tournament, a few discussion panels (including one with the majority of Dumbledore’s Army themselves), and even a lecture, led by Harry Potter, on Aurors. I would like to take this time to thank Hogwarts for hosting this event and to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, which is the convention’s main sponsor. I think I see some red hair headed over to the Weasley booth… a few red heads actually.
Arabella: “Mr. Weasley!”

George: “Arabella! Lovely to see you again!”

A: “This is certainly quite the turnout. You helped found the convention as well, correct?”

G: “Indeed. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and I. We all developed the idea together.”

A: “Ooof!”

G: “Fred! Roxanne! Watch where you throw those rubber chickens!

A: “Not to worry, Mr. Weasley. I’m sure it’s worse when you and the Potters get together.”

G: *Chuckles* “You have no idea.”

A: “Is Angelina here as well?”

G: “She’s over there talking to Katie Bell.”

A: “Still great friends from their time on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch, I see?”

G: “Katie and her family come over all the time. The three of us are participating in the exhibition game tomorrow.”

A: “How exciting! She and Angelina, in my opinion, were two of Hogwarts’s best Chasers.”

G: “It was great having them on the team.”

A: “Well, I won’t keep you. I can’t wait to see the new line of Weasley products!”

G: “I can’t wait to show them! Oy! Fred! Roxanne!”

Such a nice family but a little crazy, no doubt. My head still hurts from that rubber chicken. Young Fred Weasley currently attends Hogwarts, and Roxanne will start this coming September. A third year and a first year under the same roof. I can only imagine. Oh, Scribble, you found the Honeydukes cart!

***Be sure to see the Muggle who played our beloved Katie Bell (a.k.a. Georgina Leonidas) in April at that MuggleNet Live! expo. It’s based on a “fictional” book series written by a woman who goes by the name Rowling. I wonder how she knows so much… no doubt the Ministry is aware. Scribble and I will be in attendance as well, in Muggle disguise of course. Visit http://live.mugglenet.com/ for more information.