Tom Felton talks about new film “Against the Sun”

Against the Sun, one of Tom Felton‘s (Draco Malfoy) most recent roles, tells the story of three US Navy airmen, who are stranded on a raft at sea after crash landing, a terrifying experience for anybody, and now Felton has shared more about the role and the filming of it in a new interview.

The characters in the film go through a rather harrowing experience, which the actors had to prepare for:

[Brian Falk, the director] did lots of research about the era and what these boys would have gone through day-to-day, and he mentioned a diet and how intense it was going to be. I sort of shrugged it off. ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah’, not thinking much of it. But when we got down there, I wasn’t very educated when it comes to food and calories and actually how much 600 calories a day was. I would have broccoli, half a chicken breast, and one slice of bread a day.

However, Felton claims he dealt with the diet better than his co-stars:

Both Garrett [Dillahunt] and Jake [Abel], especially Jake, who is a huge string bean… they were definitely suffering more than I was in their lack of nutrition, but yeah, we were always kind of joking and playing with each other.

Lack of food wasn’t the only hard part about filming either; he talks about being stuck out at sea. When asked about his biggest fears, Felton replied,

That’s one of them. It wasn’t that hard to imagine how scary that actually is – swimming in the ocean with, like, fifty feet beneath you is one of my biggest fears. The idea of what could come up and what could be around you terrifies me. We actually saw a whale about a hundred yards away… I put on a brave face because I was with the boys, but inside I was like, ‘Do not come any closer’. I was terrified.

Not everything was as hard for the actors, though, as it was for the real airmen; fortunately, their sunburn was all thanks to the make-up department:

It was about an hour and some. As the days went on, the sunburn and the scabs got more intense and took a longer time. It wasn’t always easy to keep on as well because of the salt water in the air; we were getting wet… It took quite a while.

While Felton has encountered his fair share of starstruck fans before, it was his turn to feel that way when he met his character’s real family:

Actually, I got quite starstruck when Tony Pastula, the character that I play… his actual wife came down on to the set with her family – her grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. It was a real moment, sort of shock, meeting the woman who kept him going.

Felton was asked if he has any memorabilia from his Harry Potter days in his new LA home:

Absolutely. My walls are covered with it. No, the truth is, my lovely girlfriend has a picture in the office. There are a few different pieces.We went to Potter World not so long ago, and had to get all [of] the goodies I could get my hands on.

He also talked about his upcoming documentaryTom Felton: Meet the Fanatics:

We’re sort of in the final stages of it now. It’s a documentary looking into the lives of the world’s biggest fanatics, super fans. But yeah, it’s been a whirlwind trip, checking out the world’s biggest fans and trying to get some insight into why they do it and why it’s such great fun for them.

Against the Sun is out now, in cinemas and online, and also stars Garret Dillahunt (Raising Hope, No Country for Old Men) and Jake Abel (The Lovely Bones, Percy Jackson). You can watch the trailer for it here.

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