Dumbledore’s Army Panel Discussion – Part 2

Arabella: “Thank you, Scribble.” (Makes a note on pad.) “To my Daily Prophet readers, if this is the first article you’re reading about Dumbledore’s Army Live! 2015: Expo Patronum, let me be the first to apologize for the fact that you clearly live under a rock. Scribble and I are currently in the middle of an interview with the remaining members of the DA. (Scans the panel table.) Now, this goes for all of you. Going along with the fact that you pity the Death Eaters, does that also mean you forgive them? Pity and absolution are very different.”

(Few seconds of silence.)

George: “I do believe you’ve stumped us, Arabella. (Crowd laughs but quickly becomes silent.)

Percy: (Looks at George and then to Ginny.)

George: (Looks to his sister.) “I think some wounds are more easily mended than others. Betrayal has a different effect than death.”

Ginny: “When someone dies, like my brother, Fred, you kind of look back at everything they did. The firecrackers going off in my room at three in the morning or the little pranks that, at the time, made me angry, really don’t do justice to the kind of person Fred was. He gave his life protecting those he loved, and that will always outweigh his imperfections. Because of Fred, absolution may be possible for others.” (She looks at George and then to Percy.)

George: (Nods to Percy.) “Indeed.”

Arabella: “So you do forgive the Death Eaters, then?”

Harry: “I think it’s more like ‘in the process’ of forgiving. Not that any of them deserve it, but for our own sakes, we have to move on.”

Ron: “You must be a saint, then, mate, especially for forgiving me for being a total git to you in fourth year.”

(Everyone chuckles.)

Harry: (Mimicking Ginny.) “Your actions far outweighed your imperfections.” (Everyone laughs again. Hermione gives Ron an overly dramatic kiss on the cheek.)

Ron: “Although I guess you had practice a lot earlier than most of us, what with the Muggles you grew up with.”

Arabella: “How is that cousin of yours doing by the way, Mr. Potter?”

Harry: “Quite brilliant. His children are doing well at some Muggle academy he enrolled them in. I just saw him last week, actually. Had to keep an extra eye on my own kids, though. They like to target their non-magic relatives.”

(The Potter kids giggle.)

Arabella: “Are things still awkward between you and your cousin?”

Harry: “Slowly on the mend. But definitely better than when we were young.”

Arabella: (Jots down a few notes.) “I think that about does it for me. Anything you’d like to add, Scribble?”

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