Evanna Lynch works with World Animal Protection to help the Sochi bears

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) is once again supporting those in need alongside World Animal Protection. This time, Evanna is speaking out for two bears being inhumanely treated at a restaurant in Sochi, Russia. Evanna posted about the two bears, Misha and Pasha, for the first time on March 3, writing a letter to her fans on her Facebook page.

In the letter, Evanna told her fans she why she got involved with World Animal Protection:

Just a note on World Animal Protection because I have just started working with them. [I] will [be] posting about their work a lot from hereon [sic] in. We met a few months ago in the London offices when they told me about their work all over the world to prevent and abolish cruelty towards animals. They are kind, inspiring and wonderful people who work tirelessly to be the voice for animals who are suffering silently. In the short time I’ve known them and been following their work they’ve enlightened me on so many aspects of animal welfare, particularly for animals used in the entertainment industry, much like the Sochi Bears.

Evanna then posted an update on March 15 with great news for Misha and Pasha!

I’d also like to share some GREAT news from World Animal Protection earlier this week!! The ‪#‎SochiBears‬ I posted about last week that had been held in captivity for 20 years have been released and moved to a sanctuary in Russia!! The campaign received over 130,000 signatures and was successful in urging the owner to release them to this sanctuary without waiting for a court decision. So THANK YOU on behalf of World Animal Protection and the Sochi Bears for taking the time to sign this petition. Your caring paid off, and your compassion changed the lives of two very unfortunate bears.

We look forward to hearing more about Evanna’s upcoming work with World Animal Protection. For more information about World Animal Protection and what you can do to help, click here!

Evanna also recently announced a competition she is running with World Animal Protection. Find out more and how to enter here.

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