Domhnall Gleeson tested as a robot while promoting “Ex Machina”

Domhnall Gleeson may have escaped being a werewolf as Bill Weasley, but according to Complex’s new interview with the actor, he still may not be fully human. In promotion for his new film, Ex Machina, Domhnall answered questions to determine whether or not he was a robot.

The interview kept in theme with the film, in which a CEO of an Internet search company enlists the help of computer programmer Caleb Smith (played by Domhnall) to create an emotionally intelligent robot. The film is said to make you question the possibility of robots living among humans today.

Taken by Domhnall’s supreme acting skills, the interviewer decided to question whether Domhnall is even human, asking questions about life, love, acting, and more.

In response to being asked his opinion on laboratories manufacturing people, Domhnall responded,

 There’s two ways to look at it: There’s the ‘Holy God! That’s scary, and the world is a terrifying place,’ and the other is like, ‘What’s the number for that lab? Because whatever they’ve created, I want one.’ If it makes you happy, who gives a sh** what it is?

On acting and choosing his roles Domhnall said,

Often, I just want to be part of films that I want to see. But then [it’s about] switching things up, doing things you haven’t tried before, scaring yourself with something that you’re not sure if you can definitely do at all. The role that I played in Unbroken, I had to lose an incredible amount of weight. I also had to be the pilot of a plane and lead a bunch of men, play a real-life guy who[m] I had a huge amount of respect for and whose daughter is still alive and who wanted her father portrayed well on screen.

Check out an earlier interview with Domhnall and previously released clips of Ex Machina, which is already in theaters in the UK and opened in the US on April 10!

Do you think Domhnall is a convincing human? Or is he a robot? Let us know in the comments!

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