Teaser trailer released for “Suffragette”

Fight for what you believe in. That’s the message in the new teaser trailer for Suffragette, which has just been released. The film stars not one but two Potter alumni – Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange) and Brendan Gleeson (Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody). The trailer has arrived to coincide with the British General Election, taking place in May, and the #VotingMatters campaign, which aims to encourage more people to vote. The film shows how hard these women fought to gain this right, so the campaign seeks to encourage modern women to make use of it in the upcoming election.

The film’s official synopsis reads,

Suffragette is a thrilling drama that tracks the story of the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement, women who were forced underground to pursue a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly brutal State. These women were not primarily from the genteel educated classes; they were working women who had seen peaceful protest achieve nothing. Radicalized and turning to violence as the only route to change, they were willing to lose everything in their fight for equality – their jobs, their homes, their children and their lives. Maud was one such foot soldier. The story of her fight for dignity is as gripping and visceral as any thriller; it is also heart-breaking and inspirational.

Carey Mulligan (An Education) stars as Maud, alongside Meryl Streep (Into the Woods), who plays Emmeline Pankhurst, the real life leader of the British suffragette movement. Helena Bonham Carter plays another suffragette, Edith New, while Brendan Gleeson’s character is called Steed. Watch the teaser below, which hints at the dangerous violence these women participated in as part of their struggle to obtain voting rights.

Suffragette is directed by Sarah Gavron and set for release on October 23 in the UK and October 30 in the USA.

What do you think of the film’s teaser trailer? Will you be seeing it when it is released? Let us know in the comments!

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