Lexpecto Patronum, ridding the Muggle world of its Dementors

Lexpecto Patronum, the Lexington chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, is working hard to make its hometown a better, more positive place all while attempting to rid the world of the things that those dastardly Dementors thrive on like negativity, social injustice, and inequality.

The group, which formed just this year, is already proving itself a true chapter of the real-world Dumbledore’s Army. They have held multiple events to raise funds and improve the community. They hosted a “winter wizarding waltz” for local Potter fans. They staffed a pay equity booth, educating locals about the dangers of unfair wages. They held a book drive in order to collect summer reading materials for children without a nearby public library. And they have been working to educate locals about fair-trade chocolate to ensure that cocoa farmers are paid adequately.

The group is currently working on an online campaign, the proceeds of which will be used for supplies to help them deliver the books they collected to the children living in underprivileged communities in their area.

Brownrobie, like most members of the HPA, has a lot of confidence in a book’s ability to influence a child’s sense of social justice. She says,

If you talk to kids about ‘The Hunger Games’, they could tell you everything about how unjust that is.

She also discussed why the Harry Potter series in particular had such a positive impact on its readers, in that it very much demonstrated

… the power of stories to change people.

Hopefully, the children who read the books collected by Lexpecto Patronum members will be able to discover hidden messages of positivity and humanity in them as Brownrobie clearly did when she read the Harry Potter series.

Of course, Lexpecto Patronum is not alone. HPA chapters across the globe are working hard to make the world a better place for witches, wizards, and Muggles alike. You can find out all about the actives of HPA chapters in your own area here.

Are you a member of the HPA? What has your chapter done to make the Muggle world a more magical place to live?