Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones

Valar Morghulis? Well, Expecto Patronum.

As a fan of both series (though I will admit I am behind in the A Song of Ice and Fire books, so I’m *mostly* going off the HBO version), I was ecstatic to put together this character match-up. I hope you’re comfortable because this may take a while.



Harry Potter and Jon Snow

Beyond the obvious connection of being orphans, Harry and Jon share many qualities. Both are determined to always do the right thing and strongly value loyalty and the lives of others. Both characters have been inadvertently chosen for a larger purpose and were thrust into the position before they were ready, so they learn as they go.


Albus Dumbledore and Maester Aemon

Two incredibly wise characters, Albus and Aemon have lived long and difficult lives and desire to help others learn from their experiences. Both men believe wholeheartedly in their young heroes, Harry and Jon, and strive to guide them in a way that they can come to the right conclusions on their own.


Hermione Granger and Daenerys Targaryen

Both Hermione and Dany are incredibly strong young women. They value friendship and loyalty, but most of all they value equality. Hermione fought for the rights of house-elves through SPEW, and Dany recruited an army in order to free the slaves of the Free Cities.


Ronald Weasley and Podrick Payne

Warmhearted and cooperative, both Ron and Pod recognize what it is their companions need and try to give it to them. Ron stands by Harry in the face of many dangers and Pod takes the verbal abuse from Brienne but stands by her all the same. Both strive to learn from their companions, Harry with his Patronus charm and Brienne with her fighting.


Ginny Weasley and Arya Stark

Two competitive and powerful young ladies, Ginny and Arya are quick-thinking, hot-tempered, and demand to be heard. They are risk-takers; Ginny never backs down from a confrontation, even during the Battle of Hogwarts, and Arya challenges anyone who threatens her or her friends on the spot.


Neville Longbottom and Samwell Tarly

Ah, the sweet and intelligent “pansies” that blossomed. Vastly underestimated for much of their lives, these two find within themselves the courage that everyone thought didn’t exist and stand tall in the moment of truth: Neville beheads Nagini, and Sam stabs a White Walker. Now who’s weak?!


Minerva McGonagall and Tyrion Lannister

Very intelligent characters, these two are a wealth of knowledge and guidance to the heroes and their companions: Harry, Ron, and Hermione and Jon, Podrick, and (eventually, it seems) Dany. These two are fierce protectors and fight valiantly in their respective battles: the Battle of Hogwarts and the Battle of Blackwater. They both also have some of the best quick and witty lines.


Lord Voldemort and Joffrey Baratheon

Both incredibly malicious and hateful, Voldemort and Joffrey desire to kill or torture anyone who stands in their way or pisses them off. They are both arguably the most hated characters in their respective series as well. Makes sense.


Dobby and Varys

Dobby and Varys both know everything about everyone whom they want to know about. That’s why their ears are so big – they’re full of secrets! Though some of their decisions are questionable, both characters want what is best for the wizarding world and Westeros and strive to play an active role in the betterment of their societies.


Sirius Black and Jaime Lannister

Both men are fierce fighters made famous not for their abilities but for their crimes (though Sirius was wrongly accused) and spend a lot of time on the run. They are action-oriented: quick with their weapons and slow to forgive.


Cedric Diggory and Robb Stark

Well known as the handsome ones, Cedric and Robb are gentle souls deep down. Both are incredibly popular with their peers and the ladies. Competitive by nature, these boys do not lose often, and both are only defeated when their guard is down.


Arthur & Molly Weasley and Ned & Catelyn Stark

Arthur and Molly are very loving parents with their hands full with seven children. Ned and Catelyn Stark are in a similar boat – with six children together, one illegitimate child, and a young ward. Arthur and Ned are the supportive father figures, trying to give their children the tools they need to pursue their own paths, even if it is not what they want for them. Molly and Catelyn are very loving as well but very stern.


Draco Malfoy and Viserys Targaryen

Platinum blonde locks aren’t the only thing these boys have in common. Both Draco and Viserys are driven by revenge: Draco on Harry for his fame and popularity of being “The Chosen One” and Viserys on King Robert and Westeros for his family losing the throne. Both young men are incredibly impatient and hot-tempered, and believe they are entitled and better than everyone else.


Remus Lupin and Jorah Mormont

These two characters have both been ostracized from their respective societies. Remus is a werewolf, Jorah a banished former slave trader. Both men visibly carry their past on their emotions at all times, though they never speak of it unless someone brings it up. They strive to be of help to Harry and Daenerys as much as they can, as if a penance for their flawed pasts.


Severus Snape and Petyr Baelish

Both Snape and Baelish are very sneaky characters; you’re never quite sure what they are up to or whose side they are on. These two characters speak softly but carry a big stick and are very rarely caught off guard.


Lucius Malfoy and Tywin Lannister

The heads of two “ancient” houses, Lucius and Tywin are obsessed with power and social status. Both families just happen to be well known for their incredible wealth, and they think they can buy everyone and everything to get their way, but there is still someone they must answer to: Lucius to Voldemort and Tywin to whomever is wearing the Crown at any given moment.


Luna Lovegood and Osha the Wildling

These young ladies are not exactly welcomed into the group they eventually fall in with: Upon first meeting Luna, Harry and his friends find her a bit odd. Of course, upon first meeting Osha, the Starks didn’t find her odd as much as a threat. Either way, both characters eventually become very close to their new groups and provide them with an outsider’s perspective that often guides them in decision-making. They both stand up and fight when their friends are in danger and are very unlikely but wonderful allies to have.


Narcissa Malfoy and Cersei Lannister

Their No. 1 concern is always their children: Draco, Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella. Their No. 2 priority (and not that far behind) is power and social status. Narcissa does whatever Voldemort bids her to do out of fear that he will destroy her family, and Cersei does whatever she can to keep her enemies held up and maintain her power in King’s Landing.


Bellatrix Lestrange and Margaery Tyrell

OKAY, HEAR ME OUT. Morality wise, these two share no common ground. Bellatrix is malicious and ruthless, where Margaery has a good heart and relatively sound values. However, both women are very conniving and talented at getting exactly what they want. They both know precisely what to say to whom in order to maintain or further their social standing: Bellatrix kisses up to Voldemort, and Margaery kisses up to anyone wearing a crown; both are successful in their pursuits of right-hand Death Eater and three-time Queen.

Film Title: Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire.

Fleur Delacour and Sansa Stark

Both young ladies are known far and wide as beautiful and gentle souls. They are not the fiercest fighters or strongest strategic masterminds, but they can be brave if they must. Fleur helps the Order in every way she can, and Sansa consistently puts on a brave face through horrible verbal and physical abuse. Though it is a different kind of bravery for each woman, it is oftentimes overlooked.


Rubeus Hagrid and Bronn

These two men follow orders to a T. Hagrid would never let Dumbledore, Harry, or his friends down, and Bronn will do anything (and do it well) for the right price. They both had a rough childhood and are often looked down upon by other characters *cough cough Lucius cough cough Cersei and Tywin cough* because of their lack of wealth. But the Malfoys and Lannisters alike would be crying if they met either of these men in Knockturn Alley or Flea Bottom.


Cornelius Fudge and Stannis Baratheon

The Minister of Magic and His Grace are very just characters and firmly stand by the law of the land (except that one time Harry blew his aunt up like a balloon). Neither of them listen to many advisors, but their respective number ones stick to a rose-colored palette. Fudge has Dolores Umbridge, the lady in pink, while Stannis has Melisandre, the Woman in Red. Neither of their trusty ladies are very popular with the other characters because, well, they’re kind of huge jerks. Which leads me to…


Dolores Umbridge and Melisandre

Both these women believe that their way of law or religion is the ONLY way. Neither woman gets into any outright fights, usually keeping their cool almost too well. They are very matter-of-fact in their tone because they have been (misguidedly) given prominent advisory posts by men who hang on their every word. Melisandre is also considered a witch, so there’s that.


Argus Filch and Walder Frey

The Squib and the late Walder Frey. The only reason people talk to them is because they have to. Filch is a bitter man who thrives on getting others into trouble, while Frey is a bitter man who thrives on making people beg for his help until they give him something in return. They are both always late to the party: Filch showing up when students are out of bed (and supposed to be) and Walder late to any battle he can avoid long enough. Oh, and they’re both portrayed by David Bradley.


Viktor Krum and Khal Drogo

Both these brawny men are considered a great catch: Krum is the Seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team, and Drogo is Khal over a throng of 40,000 savages. Neither of them is the brightest crayon in the box, but they could crush that whole box in one fist, so they still kind of win. They’re also very into our main heroines: Hermione and Daenerys.

Honorable Mentions (because there are a LOT of characters to work with here, and I’m indecisive):


Cho Chang and Margaery Tyrell

All the boys want Cho and Margaery. Conversely, Cho and Margaery want all the boys. Both of these lovely ladies have a history of dating whomever is convenient for them at the time: Cho from Cedric to Harry and Margaery from Renly to Joffrey to Tommen. Plus they both have that pout DOWN PAT. Work it, girls.


Sirius Black and Oberyn Martell

These two warriors are out for one thing: revenge. Sirius seeks revenge on Pettigrew, Voldemort, and every Death Eater alive for the deaths of James and Lily. Oberyn seeks revenge on the Lannisters for the death of his sister Ilya and her children. Both men are softies outside of battle: Sirius takes his role of godfather seriously with Harry, and Oberyn reassures Cersei that in Dorne little girls are treated well, not murdered out of spite. Sadly, neither of these men ever realize their revenge.


Luna Lovegood and Old Nan

They both have stories about ancient and/or mythological creatures that they firmly believe in and get made fun of for telling. But who has the last laugh when Luna’s crazy gadgets come to the rescue, and Nan was right about White Walkers AND Children of the Forest?!


Lord Voldemort and Ramsay Bolton

Pretty much same story as Joffrey. They’re both sadistic, sick, and have more power than we want them to have. They have a way of maintaining followers and keeping their enemies down. Hint: It’s horrific violence.

Which pairing was your favorite? Say what you like about this piece, by all means… but the North remembers. Always.