Fantastic Beasts: Shark Attacks on East Coast Have Muggles Terrified

This past weekend, multiple reports of sharks attacks popped up along a 20-mile stretch of the East Coast. While Muggle authorities are blaming the incidents on a finned, underwater predator, we here at the Daily Prophet received an anonymous tip that blames the attacks on one of our own.

Arthur Harrowman, who is seen by his neighbors as somewhat recluse and with an obsession for creating new magical creatures, has been arrested and is being held on charges of Muggle endangerment. Supposedly, Harrowman was one of the producers on the new Fantastic Beasts movie due out next year. Filmmakers were visiting a spot in Great Britain, surveying Grindylows for the movie, when Harrowman suddenly disappeared.

Wizarding authorities tracked him to a small sea town in South Carolina, where he had been found to have removed a Grindylow from its natural habitat and had been performing experiments on it. The result was a deformed Grindylow with thick, razor sharp teeth in its mouth and on its tentacles. Harrowman, having a long hatred of Muggles and not at all pleased to have been working with them on this movie, set his Grindylow creation lose in the water full of Muggle beachgoers. Several Muggles suffered serious injuries before Ministry officials from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures were able to capture the creature and execute it.

Harrowman awaits trial in Azkaban.