“Harry Potter” and “Divergent”: Candor

As we discussed in our first article, the initiation ceremonies of both Harry Potter and Divergent have similarities as well as differences – the Sorting Hat for the former, the Choosing Ceremony for the latter. In this second installment of our Harry Potter and Divergent series, we will explore which characters would have bled over the glass of Candor at the Choosing Ceremony.

Candor is described in Divergent by Beatrice Prior, “Candor value honesty and order. They tell the truth, even when you wish they wouldn’t.” They are honest and blunt and believe that politeness is “deception in pretty packaging.” Those raised in Candor, as well as those that choose the faction, would embody these values. Here is the list of characters from Harry Potter whom we believe personify these beliefs.

candor def1. Minerva McGonagall

Minerva is a strong woman, a difficult professor, and a fierce protector. On top of all this, she does not put up with any crap. She sniffs out lies like a three-headed dog and is always fair and just in her punishments. These are incredibly defining Candor qualities. Candor values honesty above all else and the symbol of the faction is the balancing scales, also a symbol of the courts. She is always honest with Harry and her fellow professors and will take points away from her own House, Gryffindor, just as quickly as she would from their rival, Slytherin. She is bold and outspoken about her opinions on everything: She stands up to Dolores Umbridge and the Ministry alike. She even questions Dumbledore from time to time. She keeps her classroom in immaculate order and expects everyone to BE ON TIME. She upholds the order of the world around her through her honesty and fairness and would undoubtedly choose to bleed over the glass of Candor at the Choosing Ceremony.

Minerva McGonagall

2. Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody

Mad-Eye is not a character known for his pleasantries and sweet nothings. He tells everything like it is, even in describing Polyjuice Potion: “It tastes like Goblin piss.” Long story short, if you want a straight answer on a new outfit, Mad-Eye will give you unfiltered, brutal honesty. Candor are notorious for having no filter and no problem offending even their closest friends. He is a very serious character with no sense of humor, also becoming of a Candor. Sarcasm and jests are on the same level as lies with Candor, making them unacceptable. Mad-Eye just simply doesn’t have time for it, but regardless, he fits the bill. He is a very strong, no-nonsense leader who would choose Candor over every other faction, if only because then everyone around him wouldn’t be so bloody polite.


3. Luna Lovegood

Harry describes Luna as having a “knack of speaking of uncomfortable truths.” She does not hold back her thoughts and is never embarrassed, even when talking about Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. She is not afraid to tell anything like it is and makes blunt comments regularly, including telling Harry that people expect him to have cooler friends than her. The truth does not bother her; she just states the facts. She is not afraid to speak her mind, but she never does so unkindly. She typically holds the minority opinion but is entirely unbothered by it because she believes she knows the truth, and neither friends nor foe will sway her. Since her father is the editor of the Quibbler, she is enamored by the quest for the truth, even donning a pair of “Spectrespecs” to spot the wrackspurts… and Harry under his Invisibility Cloak. Her honesty and blunt, though gentle, demeanor would be most welcome in Candor.


4. Kingsley Shacklebolt

Kingsley is an honorable man. He is honest, brave, and very methodical. He speaks his mind and is the first to call out dishonesty. Before he greets Lupin after the Battle of Seven Potters he conducts a stern honesty test. He also notes with disgust the Ministry worker he saw fighting them as a Death Eater. Candor value honesty above all, so it would make perfect sense for him to be hyper-sensitive to the dishonesty of others. He is blunt in his speech, and he literally cannot deny Dumbledore’s style in his escape from Fudge in Order of the Phoenix. Although you don’t have to be Candor to admit that. He is an orderly and fair man, which made him the perfect candidate for Minister of Magic after the Battle of Hogwarts. All of his traits embody those of Candor, and he most likely would not have hesitated at the Choosing Ceremony.

George Harris - Kingsley Shacklebolt

5. Firenze

While it can be argued for any of the centaurs in the Potter series, Firenze would glide right into Candor without fault. From our first interaction with him in Sorcerer’s Stone, Firenze demonstrates blunt honesty as he advises Harry through the forest. He continues to show a high regard for Candor values when taking over Divination classes in Order of the Phoenix, where he institutes a level of respect that students have yet to see when compared to Trelawney’s teaching of the subject. Firenze is a creature who would love to keep everyone safe by giving them peace of mind, but that is not possible for him since his loyalty is to the truth, not the people. Centaurs live by the skies and would never dare to play with its maps, making them the most obedient of the Potter world, and Firenze emulates a prime Candor.


Honorable Mention: Rita Skeeter

The most famous journalist in the wizarding world of Harry Potter would gladly have chosen to name herself a Candor… until, of course, the initiation. Rita Skeeter is a character that has lied so much about everything in her life that she has come to believe the tales she tells. So while the rest of us know that nearly every word out of her mouth is a bold-faced lie, she doesn’t. She would have chosen Candor to support her seemingly spotless reputation… and faced dire consequences in the end.


Whom else do you think fits the candid lifestyle of Candor? Keep on the lookout as Cassie and Lizzie collaborate to cover the remaining three factions!