Win a MinaLima Prize with the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Design Competition!

This summer the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is hosting a brand new “Sweets and Treats” feature that showcases how the food was made for the Harry Potter films. The feature will run until September 6, and to celebrate the Studio Tour, they have announced a very special competition with graphic designers MinaLima. MinaLima created the now iconic packaging and designs seen in the films, such as the Chocolate Frog boxes and the Marauder’s Map.

The competition asks fans to design their very own “Sweet Treat” packaging. The competition will be judged by MinaLima, and the winner will receive a copy of their design recreated by MinaLima themselves!

On the designs that they created for the film series, MinaLima said,

We always look at as much reference material as possible before designing – either to inform a correct style for a particular character or place or to give us a visual prompt for a new ‘invented’ style. With Harry Potter we could shake up the rules a bit, as the magic ‘language’ allowed us to mix up various historic styles and reorganise them to fit our invented world.

More details about the competition, including how to enter, are available here. If you’re hoping to visit the Studio Tour and the “Sweets and Treats” feature this summer, then make sure you get your tickets now.

The competition closes on August 24, so make sure you get your entries in soon! Unfortunately, this competition is only open to UK residents.

Are you planning on entering the competition? Let us know in the comments – and good luck!