Church Bench Dedicated in Memory of Rob Knox

It’s been seven years since Rob Knox, the actor who played Marcus Belby in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was stabbed outside Metro Bar in Sidcup while protecting his younger brother; he was only 18 years old. Now, a group of teens participating in the UK’s National Citizen Service, a community action group for teenagers, has raised money for and dedicated a church bench in the actor’s honor.

The group of 45 teenagers was inspired after hearing Sally Knox, Rob’s mother, give a talk. She said of the honor,

They were just so moved by Rob’s story, and it made them really think about the choices they make…I was nearly crying when they told me. It’s just amazing because when Rob first died we did some enquiries, but this is the first time I have been able to secure something like that in Rob’s memory…It’s a lovely place to sit and remember him.

The bench stands in the same church where Rob’s ashes were scattered. Rob’s mother, Sally, and his brother, Jamie, whom Rob was protecting at the time of his death, can be seen with the NCS group who raised money for the bench in the header image. Rob was taken from the world too soon, but this bench, and the Rob Knox Foundation, continue to honor his memory.

Rob Knox_Bench

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