Are there wizard veterinarians?

Hello, Professor Hagrid.

Greetings from a fellow Magical Creature lover! I hope you’re doing well.

So, as a Muggle-born, I do not know much about the Wizarding World besides information said in the famous
“Harry Potter” books. While I have many questions I would like to ask, here is the one I’ve selected:

Are there wizard veterinarians?

I know this is sort of your job at Hogwarts, but what about outside of there? Surely, all wizards all over the world need some sort of care for their Hippogriffs and Phoenixes…

If there are wizard vets, how would one go about training to become one? Is there a specific school for becoming a wizard vet?

Oh, and I’m hungry for details – how does one examine a Phoenix, which is hot with flames? Or how do they protect a Unicorn during surgery from (literally) bloodthirsty people?

I hope this letter finds you well, and please respond as soon as possible.

Roaring Ravenclaw

Dear Roaring Ravenclaw,

Ya sound like my kind’a student! Let m’ try m’ best to answer yer questions.

O’ course, there’s wizard vets! Although, we mostly call ’em Magizoologists or Healers, an’ they mostly work either in th’ field or in th’ Ministry. I’m sure there’s a school for it, but I can’t recall th’ name off hand.

Regarding yer specific beast questions … what yer referrin’ t’ are creatures that a student ought not t’ be meddlin’ with on yer own. But … if yer were t’ have need o’ examinin’ a phoenix .. for its health, fer example … I’d tell ya t’ make sure ya have a pair o’ Dragon Hide gloves handy in case it’s time fer ‘im to be reborn. Otherwise, it’s plenty safe t’ examine ‘im just like ya would yer owl.

Now, about those Unicorns – they aren’t rare beasts, but they’re rarely seen. They’re really fast, so aren’t likely t’ be captured. The Magizoologists at the Ministry who deal with ’em keep everything very hush hush. The Department fer Regulation an’ Control of Magical Creatures, Beast Division, would protect ’em an’ deal with th’ care fer any injured unicorn. Best leave ’em to it, I say!

If yer interested in gettin’ some hands-on experience, feel free t’ come see me before or after Care o’ Magical Creatures! I love havin’ company!

All th’ best,