Pottermore Moments Revisited: The End

With Pottermore’s recent rehaul, it seems that moments have disappeared from the site. Therefore, this is the last installment of “Pottermore Moments Revisited.” Thank you to everyone who has read these; it was quite the journey, wasn’t it? It’s a little disappointing that Pottermore is taking away these moments. but before they do, we have to finish Prisoner of Azkaban!

Chapter 21: “Hermione’s Secret”

Chapter thoughts: So many secrets come out in this chapter! Harry and Hermione race against time (by going back in time) to save both Buckbeak and Sirius from death and worse. One of my favorite moments is in this chapter, when Harry produces his first real Patronus and finds the legacy his father left him inside himself. The image I have in my head of Harry stretching out his hand and whispering his father’s nickname with understanding is enough to make me tear up. Notable moments of the chapter include the Time-Turner, saving Buckbeak, Harry’s Patronus, and Sirius’s flight.

ch 21 hall

Moment 1: Time-Turner

This is probably some of my favorite art. The view of the Great Hall is exactly how it is described in the books, and everything about how it was drawn just feels right. The sensation of the Time-Turner is accurately captured in the spinning light before the first click. We also get some absolutely marvelous information on time travel in this moment, answering many of the pressing questions many readers had had about the practice, such as time limits. JKR also told us her problem (and subsequent solution) with time travel. All in all, a wonderful moment.

ch 21 buckbeak

Moment 2: Buckbeak’s Rescue

An interesting view choice for this moment; it’s a repeat of an earlier one. I would have thought it would have focused on Harry and Hermione’s actual rescue of Buckbeak, but this moment highlights the few moments before. We do get the shadowy figure of Harry and Hermione peeking out from behind the trees, though.

ch 21 stag

Moment 3: Prongs

Again, we see some of the absolutely strikingly beautiful artwork that was the trademark of the site to this point. Harry’s Patronus canters across the lake toward the dark mass of Dementors, but the shining stag really takes the moment. But the real excitement here come from the beautiful new information on Patronuses. JKR really pulled out all the stops to give us an in depth look at the spell that is the favorite among many fans (including me). From some of our favorite characters’ Patronuses to what exactly can be a Patronus, to what it takes to create one are all addressed here.

ch 21 escape

Moment 4: Sirius and Buckbeak Escape

A rare, four-moment chapter! It makes sense; there’s a lot of action happening here. I’m certainly not complaining! This one, however, isn’t as interactive as the past three. Sirius and Buckbeak are silhouetted against the moon as they take off to escape. It’s a lovely moment, though both Harry and Hermione seem to be wearing poorly fitting robes at this point.

Chapter 22: “Owl Post Again”

Chapter thoughts: It’s the final chapter of this book, and after triumphantly helping his new-found godfather to safety, Harry prepares to leave Hogwarts. Snape is a class-A JERK, and his actions cause the wonderful Lupin to depart the school. Harry heads back to Privet Drive, but a note from Sirius brings some unexpected comfort and a small owl that will soon be known as Pig. Notable moments include Snape’s outrage, Lupin’s resignation, and Sirius’s letter.

ch 22 office

Moment 1: Professor Lupin’s Office

If we thought McGonagall’s backstory way back in PS/SS was the greatest thing that ever happened, we weren’t expecting Lupin’s backstory, which we get here. Honestly, if you weren’t crying buckets of tears or at least a little touched, I’m going to think you’re a Death Eater or a Dementor. I’ve always appreciated the character of Lupin, and this new backstory only increased that love. It is also wonderful to have the full story of his early life, his relationship with his wife Tonks, and his feelings about his family. Excuse me while I go dry my tears a little.

ch 22 train

Moment 2: Back to London

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are on their way back to London. Ron has gained Crookshanks’s approval of his new owl, and Harry has permission to go to Hogsmeade next year. It’s a nice shot to end on; it’s a reminder that soon, we’ll be back on the train to Hogwarts again.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to rediscover Pottermore with me! I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. Here’s to looking toward the future of the site. As we know, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home, no matter how we come to it.