Aspiring Magical Creatures trainer

Dear Hagrid,

I have recently acquired a new puppy. She’s very playful and happy, as well as growing extremely quickly. She loves long walks in dark forests and chasing hippogriffs. She loves kids but as she is roughly twice as big as Fang I wondered if you would have any advice on training her and burning energy. What did you do with fluffy to excercise and train him?


Aspiring magical creatures trainer

Dear Aspirin’ magical creatures trainer,

Glad t’ hear yer takin’ such n’ interest in makin’ sure yer puppy is happee n’ healthy.

Luckily, ya shouldna have near as much trouble trainin’ yers as I did with Fluffy. The trick t’ any beast is knowin’ how t’ calm him, o’ course. Playin’ Fluffy a bit o’ music puts him straight t’ sleep, but also has th’ effect of makin’ him a bit more reasonable.

With a pup as big as ya say, I suggest lots o’ exercise – find a nice, open field fer her t’ run in n’ definitely give her somthin’ to chase. Perhaps she’d enjoy helpin’ ya de-gnome yer garden or chasin’ a bewitched ball o’ some sort?

As far as trainin’ … it takes dedication ‘n patience. Don’ give up! It migh’ feel like yer goin’ in circles, but she’ll get it!

Oh, ‘n don’ forget treats! Creatures love snacks as a means o’ reward.

All th’ best t’ ya!