Flowers for a girl

Dear Professor Sprout,

I am writing to you in desperation. I really like this girl at school and I want to make a good impression by presenting her with flowers, but I don’t know which ones are her favorite. I know that some even have magical properties! Is there a plant or flower that is sure to win her affection?

Chuck (in need of luck!)

Dear Chuck,

Neglecting your Herbology homework over the summer, I see. Otherwise, you would know that every plant has magical properties. Chapter one of your second-year textbook. Quiz at the end of your first week back.

I gather you do not mean ​​to woo the young woman illicitly, with something from Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, since you came to your Herbology professor instead. I suggest you see to your friendship with her first. There is nothing more certain to win a witch’s affections than a true heart and a willing spirit. Take her to Hogsmeade for a tete-a-tete, my boy.

Now, as the the Herbology answer to your question, the simplest approach is best. To assure her of your chivalrous intent and declare your happiness in your new-found friendship, present her with a trio of daffodylls. If you are unable to summon your courage to be direct, you might soften her up a bit with a gardenia, which tells her she has a secret admirer who finds her lovely and has gallant intentions.​

Both flowers are available in Greenhouse one. Mind you clean up any potting soil you disrupt, and stay away from the Venus Flytraps. There haven’t been enough flies around this summer, and they’re hungry.​

Pomona Sprout
Professor of Herbology
Head, Hufflepuff