James and Oliver Phelps Appear at Salt Lake Comic Con!

This past weekend was the third annual Salt Lake Comic Con in Salt Lake City, Utah, and talent from the geeky world was in force! Stars including Chris Evans (Captain AmericaSnowpiercer), Sebastian Stan (Captain AmericaBlack Swan), Hayley Atwell (Captain AmericaThe Duchess), Anthony Mackie (The Hurt LockerCaptain America), Felicia Day (Supernatural, The Guild), and Jenna Coleman (Doctor WhoCaptain America) appeared at the three-day con. In addition, two of the stars of Harry Potter dropped by to greet fans – the Weasley twins themselves, James and Oliver Phelps!

The ballroom was packed with fans, many dressed in Potter cosplay, to participate in the twins’ Q&A. Though Oliver seemed to take the reigns (a fact that became a running joke throughout the panel), both actors had some great information to share with their fans!

In Potter-related topics, James admitted he had seen a game of Muggle Quidditch and that he was surprised at how brutal the game could be. When asked what his strategy would be if he were the Snitch trying to avoid the Seekers, his answer was an amused, “I don’t know… run like hell?”

Oliver, meanwhile, admitted that he does have a few things from the set of the films, though not his wand (which he, like so many other members of the cast, wanted). Instead, he told the audience that he has a framed Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes bag on his wall and next to it, George’s ear!

Both twins also answered what they thought their Patronuses would be. James suggested that his would be a hedgehog so that he could avoid confrontation, something he claims he doesn’t do well with, while Oliver said his would most likely be a sloth because he’s “a chill guy.”

A few fans asked questions about fun on set, and the twins gave some humorous stories about their time working on the films. During shooting for one of the films, they would often hit golf balls at Wayne Manor on the neighboring set of the Dark Knight films! In addition, they dispelled the rumors that they switched roles in the films. They admitted to switching seats for one rehearsal in the Great Hall, but they returned to their real positions for the actual take so that the crew of over 600 would not have to spend more time away from their families on weekends or nights because of their antics.

Overall, the panel was a fantastic time with James and Oliver, and it seems that they and their fans had a fantastic time!


Alison Siggard

Alison is a Gryffinpuff and probably what Hermione Granger would be like in real life, from bossiness to reliance on books to bushy brown hair. She is a teacher, writer, traveler, and a lover of all kinds of stories and storytelling. She is MuggleNet's staff coordinator and a host on Alohomora!