REVIEW: PEZ “Harry Potter” Collector’s Series Set

Accio my childhood!

As we reported at the end of last month, PEZ has released its limited edition Harry Potter Collector’s Series candy dispensers, and MuggleNet was fortunate enough to have a set provided to us by our friends at Warner Bros. to review for our readers!


Front of the packaging.

Front of the packaging

The packaging is even nicer in person than photos make it appear. A good majority of the front and back have a metallic sheen applied to the graphics, which include Hedwig, the Hogwarts crest and castle, a Golden Snitch, and a Time-Turner. The inside of the package contains a sweeping shot of the Black Lake at sunset with Hogwarts perched on its hill. The back side includes profiles of the six characters presented in PEZ dispenser form within.


Back of the packaging.

Back of the packaging

The dispensers are arranged and displayed in the packaging so as to imitate the difference in height between the characters as seen in the film series. Upon removal, you’ll notice that they are actually of only two sizes: the standard PEZ dispenser height and a half size, as seen in the header image of this review. Also included are 12 (count them; TWELVE!) sleeves of PEZ candies.




The dispensers are marvelously detailed from the texturing of their hair (Voldemort withstanding, of course) down to the patterns of their clothing, with my personal favorites of the lot having to be the Dumbledore and Voldemort dispensers. The Hogwarts Headmaster’s robes have a beautiful sculpted motif with a hat to match, and the bright blue paint job on the Dark Lord’s eyes really pops.

After waiting over two years from when we first heard of their development, this wonderful collection has not disappointed. A great addition to any PEZ or Harry Potter collector’s shelf, the set retails for $17.99 USD. Will you be adding this release to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!