VIDEO: Special Offer for “Ravenclaw Reader” Until September 25

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series and looking to get a deeper understanding of the artistry and meaning from the literature as written by author J.K. Rowling, then this new academic book, Ravenclaw Reader, is definitely for you!

On the latest MuggleNet Academia show, we featured the organizers of the May 2012 St. Andrews University Harry Potter literary conference, Professor John Patrick Pazdziora and Father Micah Snell, who shared their story of the conference and the editing of this brilliant new book, Ravenclaw Reader.

Now, as a SPECIAL PROMOTION for those purchasing Ravenclaw Reader on or before September 25 from Amazon, you will receive an amazing special bonus package.

The video below shares a special introduction by John Granger, the Hogwarts Professor, on the significance of this book to the deeper understanding of Rowling’s Hogwarts saga. Additionally, beginning at the 9:11 mark, there is a special video presentation from the St. Andrews University conference featuring Professor Joshua Richards on his paper about Snape as the ogre father figure to Harry Potter titled, “Towards a Pattern of Paternal Atonement: The Role of Snape in Harry Potter.”

At the end of the video, John Granger will share with viewers precisely how to take advantage of the incredible SPECIAL package being offered to those who order the Ravenclaw Reader by September 25. Order it TODAY!


Ravenclaw Reader launch from John Granger on Vimeo.