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Nominate the MuggleNet podcast family for the 2013 Podcast Awards!

The People’s Podcast Awards recognizes the best podcasters in the world by allowing the people (listeners and podcasters) to nominate and then vote for their favorite podcast. MuggleNet has been no stranger to these awards in the past, MuggleCast having won three times – in 2006 for People’s Choice and in 2008 & 2009 for Best Entertainment. Now, MuggleNet has a large, expanded family of amazing podcasts and is asking you once again to do what you did for MuggleCast by nominating all of our amazing content.

What if a Hogwarts professor taught your class?

What if a Hogwarts professor taught your class?

With every new school year comes new teachers or professors, and for many Harry Potter fans, it has become automatic to match each one with their Hogwarts professor counterpart. Student has come up with “12 types of lecturer according to Harry Potter”, including such varieties as “The arts professor”, “The PhD student lecturer”, and “The Oxbridge alumni”.

Western Department of English and Writing Studies offers “Harry Potter” based class

An article was recently written for The Gazette, a Canadian student newspaper, discussing the impact of a Harry Potter course offered at the Western University. The decision made by Western’s Department of English and Writing Studies (DEWS) was of course met by enthusiasm from the students.