“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” Roundup: Goodbye, Liverpool?

Recently, it has felt like not a day goes by without another snippet of information about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coming our way. Most recently, the film has been in Liverpool, with filming taking place at many of the iconic buildings around the city.

After just over two weeks in the city, it appears that the cast and crew are packing up and leaving to head back to Leavesden.

Eddie Redymayne (Newt Scamander) was even spotted on a train heading away from the city. The actor has stayed under wraps while he’s been in the city, and there’s yet to be a sighting of him in his costume or on set.

It’s not clear, however, whether the cast and crew are leaving the city for good or just relocating – watch this space!

Elsewhere, in an interview with ComingSoon.net, Eddie, who is currently promoting his upcoming film The Danish Girl, spoke about Fantastic Beasts and in particular, director David Yates.

[David Yates i]s wonderful. Even though there’s a scale to these films that could be intimidating, he has such a kindness but an absolutely brilliant [sic] that it feels very intimate, and he’s got such a wonderful, eclectic cast. Hopefully, it will be good.

In other news, there has been a flurry of small casting announcements.

Several actors have been cast in the role of bankers, including Karl FarrerDenis Khoroshko, Benjamin Martin, and Paul Munday. Khoroshko has been cast as Banker Smirnoff, while Farrer’s role is simply that of a banker. Munday’s page lists his role as a banker for MACUSA (The Magical Congress of the United States of America). Of course, this invites many questions about the plot. How important is this bank scene going to be to the plot? 

Another young actor, Joe Malone, has been added to the cast list as well – as a young wizard.

Several girls have also been cast as “tenement children in New York.” The mother of two of girls, Clemence and Justine, who were styled with 1920s bobs, wrote that

Clemence and Justine spent 2 days at the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden for the role of local ‘tenement’ girls in New York in 1920, and they loved it. They cannot wait to come back to the studios before the end of the year.

Other girls, including Edie Turquet, Eveline Chapman, and Lily Rose Taylor also list roles as “girls in tenements.”

For those who aren’t clear, a “tenement” is

a room or a set of rooms forming a separate residence within a house or block of flats.

Historically, tenements were particularly found in the US and Scotland and were often rundown and overcrowded.


IMDb also list several other minor characters, including a Gala Doorman and Waiter (Mitch Thornton), several “Gentlemen”, and a New York Socialite (Dave Simon). This all points towards there being a gala scene in the film – something that is quite likely to have been included in the scenes filmed in Liverpool in the last couple of weeks.

Actor Matthew Roberts lists his role in the film as that of Lieutenant M. Young. Other actors listing the film among their work, include Alex Gibbons and Andy Mihalache.

It’s certainly a cast that keeps on growing, which is incredbly exciting! We can’t wait to see more from the film – although, with the cast and crew apparently heading back to the closed doors of Leavesden once again, it seems that we might be waiting a little while longer…

What are you most looking forward to finding out? What was your highlight from this week’s roundup? Let us know in the comments!