NYCC Interview with “Superherologist” Dr. Travis Langley

Earlier this month during New York Comic Con, MuggleNet had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Travis Langley, professor of psychology at Henderson State University and celebrated speaker on the subject of psychology in popular culture. Dr. Langley is a celebrated author of books such as Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight, The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead, and – later this month – Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind. Dr. Langley also authors a column on, titled “Beyond Heroes and Villains.” Our conversation with him, which lasted for nearly an hour, is now available for listening below.

Dr. Langley continues to publish books that take a critical look inside the minds of characters in our most popular fiction. Two further books are forthcoming at this time, centering on Star Trek and Game of Thrones. They will be released in spring 2016. And while admitting that he would love to write a book on the Harry Potter series, Dr. Langley admits that the timing may not be perfect. There are, after all, so many things currently happening with the fandoms represented at conventions such as NYCC, where Dr. Langley regularly speaks.

Our interview with Dr. Langley reveals some of his feelings on popular culture today, including Game of Thrones and Star Trek, while also providing insight into his writing and research process. He quickly revealed just who it was that comes up with the subtitles for his published works and gave us a lesson (or three) on psychology itself and how his books use it to gain insight into all of our favorite characters.

You can listen to our interview with Dr. Langley below.

00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – Zombies!
02:05 – Game of Thrones, Pt. 1
03:30 – Titles (and subtitles) of his books
04:40 – Psych terms
07:12 – Question: Why so dark?
13:14 – Breaking Bad
17:02 – Viewers’ relationship with fiction
19:38 – Game of Thrones, Pt. 2
26:54 – Dr. Langley’s writing preparation
30:24 – Star Trek, Pt. 1
32:59 – Book composition methods
40:40 – Star Trek, Pt. 2
45:15 – Question: Can psychology answer who will sit the Iron Throne?
49:48 – Theon Greyjoy (Game of Thrones, Pt. 3)

We certainly hope to bump into Dr. Langley in the future! Where we can bug him again (more forcefully) about writing a Harry Potter book! Additionally, be sure to follow him on Twitter at @Superherologist.


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