13 Days of All Hallows’ Eve: “Troll in the Dungeons”

Welcome to MuggleNet’s 13 Days of All Hallows’ Eve, a limited series to bring fans short, Potter-themed spooky stories to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Check back in for a new tale every day leading up to Halloween.

“‘TROLL IN THE DUNGEONS! Troll in the dungeons!’ Filtch’s screams echoed through the Great Hall. Everyone started running to their common rooms, pushing people out of the way, shouting in panic. They knew the troll was approaching; every step he took felt like an earthquake shaking up the spine of the castle. BAM. BAM. BAM,” James’s voice turned into a whisper. Al was banging on the side of his sister’s bed in accompaniment to his brother’s story. The boys were standing in front of Lily, who was curled up in her bed. The lights in the room were off, with the exception of a single candle in James’s hands.

“Three brave first-year Gryffindors decided that they could stop the troll – but they were wrong! They ran to the dungeons looking for the creature. The people from the portraits were running from frame to frame, desperately trying to reach the upper floors before they were ripped to pieces. Suddenly, the girl screamed, and when the two boys turned around, in front of them was the troll. It was five meters tall, with disgusting gray skin covered in nasty scars and boils.”

Lily made a repulsed face. Al continued his brother’s story.

“It had a small bald head on top of its ginormous body. It smelled so terrible of soggy feet and uncleaned toilets that they almost passed out. The troll made a strange grunt-like noise when he saw them. His breath smelled even worse. He grabbed the girl in his massive, stinky hand and lifted her right in front of his ugly face!” Al grabbed Lily’s shoulders and pushed her from one side to the other. “Its ears were at least as big as her face, and its yellow teeth looked more like chipped stones. She could feel its dirty nails holding her tightly.

“The troll turned and stumbled into an old flooded bathroom.” James took on the story, holding the candle right under his face and pulling the ugliest look he could. “Moaning Myrtle was crying in there, making as much noise as possible. The boys ran after the troll, screaming their friend’s name. They were throwing their books at the terrible creature, shouting, trying to get its attention.  When one of them finally hit the troll’s head, it turned around to look at them. It was furious; it started hitting everything at sight, crushing walls with its massive fists, forgetting about the girl still in its hand. When it finally remembered what is was carrying, the troll threw her across the bathroom and tried to grab the boys instead. They ran for their lives.”

“That’s not the end, though. By the time the professors went down to find the troll, it was gone. They say it’s still hiding in the castle, in a room by Moaning Myrtle’s toilets. But every year on Halloween night the troll comes out, finds a little girl, and takes her away!

“And next year – IT’S GOING TO BE YOU!”

Lily screamed, shaking in her bed. Hearing her cry, Harry walked in and turned the lights on. The boys started laughing and ran out before their father had a chance to reprimand them.


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