CharacTour Brings “Potter” Personality Quiz to the Main Page!

Personality quizzes. We’ve all taken them. Even those, perhaps especially those, that were Harry Potter-themed. “What Hogwarts House would you be in?” or “Which Death Eater are you?” or “Which member of the Weasley Family are you most like?” Oftentimes, these quizzes have a degree of randomization to them. Choose a quote from Mean Girls and a color out of this photo of a swath of fabrics, which will determine your end-result. Of course, Potter personality quizzes have existed for nearly as long as the series itself. This writer remembers taking a Sorting quiz that offered an answer to a question “How do you feel?” that was “I feel… snake-y…” There was little mystery in what choosing that answer would cause the overall result to become. Yet now, in 2015, there exists a more science-y alternative, in CharacTour‘s personality profiling database.

CharacTour debuted on the Web in August and is best described as being “an online dating site but for characters in books, TV and film.” Visitors of the site can browse its impressive catalog of over 4,500 characters and discover new ones that they’ve never encountered before. And at the forefront of this service is an impressive science construct – a 52-trait personality assessment quiz. After assessing their own selves on 26 trait-pairings with a spectrum of 5 points per pair, users develop their own identity profile. It is then that the real power of CharacTour is unleashed because at that point, CharacTour can match users to their literary counterpart(s)!

The reach of CharacTour goes well beyond the Harry Potter series. And yet, CharacTour has developed (for use on this site) a Potter personality quiz that can now be taken right on our MuggleNet home page! You will find it on the right-hand-side with a button that says “Begin Quiz” under a “GET MATCHED” heading.


If you have always yearned for a more definitive, less arbitrary system of determining which Harry Potter character you were most like, look no further than CharacTour’s personality assessment. Of this writer’s 20+ results, the character at the top of them was indeed a childhood favorite. And as a testament to the science and algorithm, percentages are given for how similar to each character a user is.

Once the results are tallied, you can carry them over to CharacTour’s website, where you can browse ALL their characters for a compatible match. Results can be filtered by different categories such as series, gender, ethnicity, orientation, media format, and more to ensure that your results are tailored to your most unique interests.

We are thrilled to have partnered with CharacTour on the development of this on-site quiz and were thrilled to showcase a means by which objectivity in personality quizzes can be fully restored! Take the quiz now along the right-hand column of our website!