Snape on Amortentia

Dear Professor Snape,

I’m sorry if this question is too personal, but I’ve always been curious, what does Amortentia smell like to you? Mine is hot chocolate, the earth after rain, and wet dog. Also, I’m afraid I might be just as forgetful as Neville, but I think I’ve lost my potions textbook. Could you please tell me the recipe so I can study for our upcoming test? I promise I won’t try to brew it.

Thank you,
A Ginger Gryffindor

Dear Ginger Gryffindor,

Due to the potential adverse affects of Amortentia it would be ill advised to print the ingredients to such a power potion publicly. You should obtain another copy of your potions book and endeavor to keep better track of it.

As for what it smells like to me, yes that’s personal. I will however reveal one of the scents I detect in Amortentia… Honeysuckle.

Now, obtain a book and resume your studies.

Professor Snape