The Night Before Christmas: “Harry Potter” Edition

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through Hogwarts,
Not a creature was stirring, no rat even snored.
Sweaters were made by Mrs. Weasley with care,
In hopes that Voldemort would not appear there.



The trio was plotting out what to do next,
while visions of enemies kept them perplexed.
Snape in his dungeon, and Minerva in her robes
sat down their tired wands, hoping break goes by slow.

When out in the hall there arose such a ruckus
Harry rushed from his bed to swiftly seek justice.
Into the common room he quickly did go,
Straight to the Fat Lady, he threw on his cloak.



But a smolder in the fireplace caught his eye;
Harry swore he thought he saw something pass by.
When what to his curious eyes should appear,
but a face within the fire, coming clear.

With a little chuckle, “Hello Harry!” it said
He knew in a moment it must be Sirius’s head.
More rapid than hippogriffs his greetings, they came,
His whispers were muffled as he mentioned the Order by name:

“Now Severus! Now Remus! Now Nymphadora, too!
Once Lily, once Minerva, once Rubeus Hagrid, too.
Through the Order they did devote their lives to good,
Just the same as you, Harry, certainly should.”



As spiders before the great basilisk flee,
Sirius was gone, quicker than a Portkey.
So back up to his room tired Harry did start,
With a sigh of relief that he felt in his heart.

And then, in a jingling, Harry heard in the dark
Footsteps that the Marauder’s Map forgot to mark.
As Harry lifted his head, he turned around
To see Albus Dumbledore, the widely renowned.

He was dressed all in wool, from his hat to his socks,
And his clothes were singed from spending time with old Fawkes.
A thick purple cloak he had flung on to wear
And he looked like he could compete with the heir.



His glasses—half-moon shaped! His smile—full of goodness!
His eyes were like star light, his nose was hung crooked!
His droll expression was subtle, yet still strong,
And the beard on his chin was silver and long.

A fine Elder Wand he held tight in his hand
And the magic, it lingered in the air so grand;
He had a thin face and a little round cap
That perched on his head like an owl taking a nap.

He was skinny and frail, a right ancient old man,
Harry laughed when he saw him, refraining what he can;
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
Soon reminded Harry only fear was to dread.



He made not a sound, but went straight to business
Putting out all the students’ presents for Christmas;
And giving a finger a nice little sway,
And in a twirl, he Apparated away.

He sprang in the air, and with a pop he disappeared,
Away he went, while through candlelight Harry peered.
Harry heard him exclaim, before he left out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


From all of us here at MuggleNet, we wish you the happiest of Christmases and hope your holiday is filled with all sorts of Potter cheer.