Harry Melling Promotes Latest Play, “Hand to God”

Actor Harry Melling (Dudley Dursley) was a guest on British morning program Lorraine last week to discuss his latest project, the West End show Hand to God. The show, in which one of the characters is a hand puppet brought to life by Melling, is given the following description on its official website:

One dead father, [o]ne messed up family, [o]ne girl who just wants to help, [o]ne school bully who always gets his own way, [o]ne man of the church offering comfort, [a]nd one [h]and puppet who is completely out of control – He’s shocking, dangerous and taking no prisoners.

All hell is breaking out at the Vaudeville theatre as this hilarious and provocative new comedy lands direct from Broadway, where the New York Times hailed it ‘flat-out hilarious’ and the New Yorker called it ‘Sesame Street meets The Exorcist‘.

In a clip from Lorraine posted by the Daily Mail, Melling explained that he had no puppeteering experience prior to taking on the role:

I had no puppet experience whatsoever before starting this job, so I just had to learn as I went along. And […] it just took a lot of skill and careful work.

Melling, who was accompanied by both his puppet “co-star” Tyrone and one of his human co-stars, Neil Pearson, sat by as Tyrone (operated by Melling) gave his opinion of the two actors. Describing Pearson as “amazing,” Tyrone referred to Melling as “this guy.”

Hand to God premiered at London’s Vaudeville Theatre on February 5, and it will continue its run until June 11. For more information on ticketing, you can visit its website here. Please note that the website states that the show is not suitable for children under the age of 16 since it contains explicit language and adult subject matter.

Also a guest on the program was Harry Potter alumna Katie Leung (Cho Chang), who appeared on Lorraine to promote her drama One Child.

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