J.K. Rowling Answers Fan Questions About Her Magical North American History!

On Monday, it was revealed that the world was about to learn some of the history of magic in North America, something that fans had been clamoring for at least since we learned about Ilvermorny back in January, if not before. Then, this morning, we got our first taste of the magic: writing from J.K. Rowling detailing briefly what the North American magical community of the 14th-17th centuries was like. The new information, which largely concerned Native American magic, has sparked questions from a number of fans on Twitter, where J.K. Rowling is graciously engaging in conversation with curious readers. Here’s what else we’ve learned so far!

Many were interested in the Native American mythology Rowling used in her magical history.

And there was a lot of discussion about wands, as is to be expected.

Including this very interesting tidbit about brooms being a channel for magic in a similar way to wands – which makes sense, but some of us had never considered it before:

Which of course prompted even more questions from fans.

We can’t see the original question, which prompted this response from Rowling, but it does indicate that there is more information about race relations among wizards that we’ll be intrigued to read should she ever elaborate:

Be sure to visit MuggleNet tomorrow morning, when we’ll be reporting on the second installment of “Magic in North America”!

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