Molly Weasley: A Mother to Us All

Molly Weasley is easily the most maternal figure in the Harry Potter series. She has a house full of seven children and still takes it upon herself to virtually adopt Harry as well as host Hermione over the course of several weeks. She is an incredible role model for parenting, and here’s a short list of reasons why.

She’s kind.

Harry went 11 years before ever receiving a decent Christmas present. A mere three months after meeting him, Molly knit Harry a monogrammed sweater just like the ones she made for her own children.

She’s stern but forgiving.

In one month, her sons stole Arthur Weasley’s bewitched Ford Anglia twice. While angry with her children, she did not take unnecessary actions. She scolded Fred, George, and Ron over breakfast but welcomed Harry all the same. Of course, after the second incident, she had to be harsher, so an embarrassing Howler was in order, but she did not bring Ron home over it.

She worries.

Molly is not a helicopter mom by any means, but she is still a mother. She worries about the big things like three of her sons disappearing in the middle of the night, but she doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

She’s patient.

Fred and George love to joke around with everyone, and their mother is no exception. The twins are constantly giving her grief that she cannot tell them apart even though she never actually gets them mixed up. She lets them have their jests all the same.

She’s got jokes, too.

Molly always has a comeback for whining. When Ron tells her he’d rather “go starkers” to the Yule Ball than wear the dress robes she acquired for him, she fires back this sassy comment. It’s a shame many of her quips didn’t actually make the films.

She is loving, and she shows it.

Molly is not a tough-love parent like the Malfoys – her children [and Harry] never have to wonder how much she cares for them. She is always giving them hugs and gentle reminders of her love.

She and Arthur set an example of love.

It’s often said that one of the best things parents can do for their children is set the right example. Arthur and Molly love each other and show that to their children, which sets the tone for their future relationships.

She keeps the children’s best interests at heart.

Throughout the series, Molly tries to preserve Harry’s childhood innocence. Whether it be forbidding Arthur to talk to Harry about Sirius Black, or trying to keep him from joining the Order of the Phoenix, Molly tries her best to keep the children away from the evil surrounding them.

She’s protective.

Molly will go to the ends of the earth for her children. In order to protect her youngest child, she faces off against Voldemort’s right-hand witch, Bellatrix Lestrange, and wins.

Her children learned from her.

Molly’s children all grew to become strong, kind, and loving people thanks to her example.

Molly Weasley sets the standard for motherly care in Harry Potter. She sets a wonderful example, not only for her own family but for readers and fans of the series as well. I know I have learned a lot from Molly that I try to employ as an aunt and hopefully, one day as a mother.