Potter DIY: Magic Pen with Ink

Perfect for any aspiring journalist, English major, or writer, this magic pen is key to a successful start for sure! Thanks to Potter French Party for the tutorial!



What You’ll Need:

  • Two feathers
  • Four-color cartridge pen (easily found on Amazon, search “4-color pen”)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun/hot glue
  • Felt tape



Cut the tips of the feathers off. Remove the ink cartridges from your cartridge pen and use your hot glue gun to paste the cartridge against one of the feathers. Take your other feather and hot glue it over the other to conceal the ink cartridge in the center. Finish by using a piece of felt tape at the bottom to wrap around the end of the cartridge to blend everything together.



And now you’re ready to write! Remember to tweet us pics of your new DIY, and check out some of our other awesome projects on our main Potter DIY page!