MuggleNet’s Harry Potter Book Chapter March Madness Selection Sunday – Results!

Harry Potter March Madness has returned to MuggleNet!

64 of the 198 book chapters of the Harry Potter series will be facing off in our MuggleNet March Madness competition. And you, the fans, will determine the champion.

In the United States, the month of March is synonymous with the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Basketball Tournament, a fierce competition between the best 64 basketball teams in the nation in a single-elimination tournament. The goal: to be crowned champion.

MuggleNet is taking the concept of March Madness and applying it to the Harry Potter series. 64 book chapters were selected on Selection Sunday (yesterday), ranked 1-16, and randomly positioned in four tournament brackets (named after the Houses). Here are the results:


The tournament voting will be open for all of you to vote for your favorite book chapters beginning on Thursday. Each round will last two to four days before the winner is determined and who will advance to the next round. The final winner will be crowned on April 5.

Here is the tournament schedule:

  • Round 1 (Round of 64) – March 17-19
  • Round 2 (Round of 32) – March 20-23
  • Round 3 (Sweet 16) – March 24-27
  • Round 4 (Elite 8) – March 28-April 1
  • Round 5 (Final 4) – April 2-3
  • Round 6 (FINALS) – April 4
  • Winner announced April 5

Feel free to make your current predictions for the overall champion in our comments below.