Can You Guess Chris Hardwick’s “Revealed” Hogwarts House?

Recently, comedian Chris Hardwick sat down with Fortune to discuss The Nerdist Podcast, his rise to fame, and even the X-Files. Curiously, no Potter topics made it onto the day’s agenda. This was a bit odd given that while being filmed for his sit-down interview, Hardwick sported a distinct Ravenclaw T-shirt.

Chris Hardwick Ravenclaw 2 Chris Hardwick Ravenclaw

What? Aren’t most easy-going and affable comics staking out their turf in the dormitories near the Hogwarts kitchens? Insult comics not included. Well, he is apparently no Hufflepuff. This goes all the way back to 2012  and 2013 when he first declared his allegiance to the brainiest lot of witches and wizards.

And then again, late last year while at the gym.

This would make sense. He was smart enough to parlay his gift of gab into a multi-million dollar empire. Now, what other comedians are bound to turn up in more unsuspecting Houses?