Don’t Miss the Harry Potter Shop’s Collectible Wand Sale!

Everyone knows that the wand chooses the wizard, but sometimes, exceptions for merchandise have to be made. When it comes to the collectible Harry Potter wands, however, it can be hard to choose just one. For one day only, Warner Bros. is going to make your shopping a little bit easier: Tomorrow, April 12, you can buy two wands from the Harry Potter Shop and get the second one for 50% off!

Whether it’s Harry’s and Hermione’s, Snape’s and Dumbledore’s, or Luna’s and Neville’s, the sale applies to all of their collectible wands. They have over 40 wands on offer, so you’re sure to find the right wand for you!

Remember, the sale is for one day only, so be sure to visit Warner Bros.’s official Harry Potter Shop here!

Mary W.

I am a Slytherin, a lifelong fan of Harry Potter, and a member of MuggleNet staff since 2014. In my Muggle life, I am passionate about human rights, and I love to travel around the world and meet new people.