Fantastic Pranks and Where to Find Them

Chaos and laughter are both hallmarks of the Weasley twins, so there’s no doubt that they’d enjoy July 14, also known as Pandemonium Day. I would love to celebrate with a bag of tricks from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, but it doesn’t exist in the Muggle realm. However, this world has some cool tricks of its own.


1) Snake in a Can




This one’s a classic prank. The snake in question is not a real snake, but a cloth-covered wire spring shoved into a small container. When that container is opened, the snake springs out. This prank can be found on Amazon and in most magic shops. It will typically come with its own can, but feel free to shove it into other items. I personally have enjoyed putting it in the empty Pringles cans that my brother regularly forgets to throw out.


2) Shocking Book




This is another prank that can be found online. When the book is opened, it gives a small shock to whomever’s holding it. Just hand it to the person you’re trying to prank, with a reason for them to open it. You may want to disguise the book since they might be a little suspicious about why you’re asking them to open it. My dad disguised his as a spell book, which means that it not only makes people curious but also makes a great Halloween decoration.


3) Levitating Feather


While real magic may be out of reach, tricking your friends into thinking you have magic is not. In order to pull this trick off, you need a feather, some clear sticky wax, and invisible thread, which can be found at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Have one end of the thread attached to your shoulder, and hold the other with the wax stuck on it. Have your friends hand you the feather so they can see there’re no strings attached. Attach the wax to the feather as you grab it and put it in your hand opposite to the shoulder with the string on it. Then simply raise up your other hand with fingers spread to catch the thread, and voilá, levitation. Feel free to add in a Wingardium Leviosa or two as you pull it off.


4) Disappearing Scarves




This next trick requires a Magical Props Change Bag, which can be found online. This bag is two bags made to look like one, with a switch on the handle to change between the two.  This means that all you have to do is put a scarf inside the bag, wave your hand over it while hitting that switch, and then have someone reach into the bag to find that there’s nothing there. You can use other objects, too if they’re small enough not to create an obvious bulge in the bag.


5) Fairy Catching




This next trick will allow you to snatch fairies from midair. For this, you need a Red Pair from a company called D’lite, found online. This item looks like a thumb tip that you slip over your finger. When pressed, it glows red. Just tell your friends to watch, pretend to grab something, clench your hand into a fist, press down on the device, and show off the red glow in your hands. You can tell your friends the reason the fairy is glowing red is because it’s angry about being caught.


6) Color-Changing Book




You can also make your friends think that they have magic. You need a Color-Changing Book, which can be found online, and a wand as a prop. The book has three sets of pages all cut differently, one with just line art, one colored in, and one completely blank. Depending on whether you flip through the book with your thumb at the top, middle, or bottom of the book, different sets will be revealed. Have your friends wave the wand over the book, and say some incantation. Feel free to make this up. I’ve used ones such as Colores Manifesto in the past. From there, choose which set of pages to show, and astound your audience.

Mikaela Renshaw

I picked up a Harry Potter book for the first time when I was six years old and promptly fell in love. However, it didn’t take long for my love of literature to go beyond just Harry Potter and I am now working towards my PhD in English. Outside literature, I love Irish-dancing, D and D, going to the beach, attending Comic-Con, and playing with my dog.