“MuggleCast” Episode 302: “Andrew’s Party” Now Available!

The new Patronus quiz, final Fantastic Beasts trailer, and illustrated Chamber of Secrets are only SOME of the topics discussed on the latest episode of your favorite Potter podcast. Listen now as Andrew, Eric, and Micah cover what’s new with Harry and his world!

On Episode 302, you will find discussion on:

  • Expecto Patronum! The long-awaited quiz is finally here, and the hosts reveal their Patronuses!
  • Listeners share Patronus quiz results and if they’re happy with the outcome
  • The illustrated edition of Chamber of Secrets hits store shelve,s and we have some questions!
  • Why are there less illustrations? How will the length of future books impact the number of illustrations? Do these editions take away from the imaginations of younger readers? What’s up with Dobby’s bare ass?
  • The final Fantastic Beasts trailer is released… with the mention of a very familiar Dark wizard!
  • Will Dumbledore help Newt fight Grindelwald? Will Newt be the only one capturing beasts? Whose side is Graves really on?
  • Get your tickets! All eight Harry Potter movies are returning to theaters for one week only! A great opportunity to see the earlier films.
  • The main theme for Fantastic Beasts is revealed, and it sounds awfully familiar…
  • Harry Potter merch is making a comeback!
  • Party in the Park – don’t miss out on an exclusive event at LeakyCon (and after-party on Andrew’s rooftop)!

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Running time: 1:10:07

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Eric S.

Eric Scull joined MuggleNet in November of 2002. Since that time, he’s presided over a number of sections, including name origins and Dear Hogwarts, but none so long as the recently revived Crazy Caption Contest. Eric is a Hufflepuff who lives in Chicago and loves the outdoors.